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Riqi is an engaging performer whose music is about rising above negative statistics Maori face today, to the adverse affects of addiction and abuse. “Top of my list is pathways out of addiction because I have been there myself, and the normalizing of Maori roots and values in mainstream music”.
Riqis message is positive and powerful combining traditional Maori instruments lead rock guitar with Maori weaponary, creating a style and sound that Riqi calls Maori fusion. Infusing contemporary indigenous music with authentic traditional roots.
Riqis sound has been described as arena rock, upbeat, feel good jams with engaging and powerful conscious messages with influences from Rock, reggae and funk.
Riqi has a dynamic pumping non stop set that caters to a global audience with powerful anthems for everybody, from Traditional Maori instruments, a Taiaha show, heavy rock lead guitar such as his version of NZ national anthem to his hard hitting waiata “Ruapekapeka” 
With heartfelt vocals and universal messages of hope in English and Maori Riqi is set to take 2019 by storm. For a one man show there is no other artist like Riqi Harawira.
Riqi moved from his lead guitarist career in rock group Dead Flowers in the 90’s to performing solo and is enjoying success with the release of his new single “Kia ora”. Poised to release his second album “MAURI” Jan 18th 2019 through Waatea music. The album is bilingual Maori and english and features the singles “Kia ora”, “Wairua Tuturu”, “Self Determination” and “Rise up “a track dedicated to Greg Boyed (NZ journalist) who took his life in 2019 from depression and suicide, another kaupapa Riqi feels strongly about.
Riqis goals in 2019 are to release album, travel abroad and secure festivals worldwide as an indigenous performer.
Contact Riqi:
Cell: 021 666 799 
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 “Kia ora”
“Wairua Tuturu”
“Greenstone n Gold”
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Testimonial  -Tiki Tane. “ Every time I’ve seen Riqi perform he’s brought such an awesome vibe with his Maori fusion, connecting with everyone in the room. That’s testament to his beautiful character as a person, but also his ability to transcend as an extremely talented muso”
Testimonial – Jason Kerrison ‘My only regret whenever I see Riqi perform is that I don’t see him play often enough. His dedication to his craft has honed him into the well versed ease of a travelling troubadour. Hes got fantastic guitar chops and blends Maori culture seamlessly to create a distinct sound. Riqi is the kind of player who makes you want to go home and practice more”.    
Testimonial – MIKA HAKA “Riqi Harawira has that unique voice and style that stays with you long after he’s gone.
His songwriting skills mixed with his sensational guitar playing skills and fusing of Maori instruments are one of a kind that translate to a global sound.”