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Superturtle is an Auckland band who have made four albums since they began around ten years ago. Curiously, each one sounds older than the one before it – which I think means they are getting closer to their goal.

The album is called Student Flat Reunion, and if your student flatting days were in the early 80s then you’ll be struck by the aptness of the title, because musically that’s right where Superturtle live. With bright brittle riffs, crisp economical drumming, a synthesiser that sounds like it’s fallen into the hands of a humanoid and the nervously intense vocals of Darren McShane, they are like a band that has just crawled out from under the ground-zero rubble of punk.

Student Flat ReunionStudent Flat Reunion Photo: supplied
Early 80s post-punk has been a popular reference point for a lot of music in this everything-revived-at-once century. We’ve heard it in the Strokes, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand, to cite just some of the bigger names. But in a way Superturtle sound even more authentic than those revivalists. It’s not as though they are self-consciously quoting from some uber-cool record collection; it’s just who they are.    Nick Bollinger-Radio New Zealand December 2018