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Hello, I am Asher Williams otherwise known as D410. And I'm a small music composer from New Zealand. I am 12 years old. I was born in Auckland and quickly moved to a tiny town/village called Ahipara. I lived there for about ten years, in mid 2016, my father moved to Sydney. So in 2017, me and my mother moved to Kaitaia (Which is like a 15 minute drive from Ahipara) and are still in Kaitaia. I started making music when I was around 8-9. Back then my music was absolutely godawful but at least I tried. I posted my music on a website called "SoundCloud". In fact I still use it to this day (mostly for experimental music/demos). But most of the old music I posted there is now archived, so the public doesn't need to hear the horrible noise I used to convey from my mind. So, around 2018 I started to post my music on a site called "Bandcamp". A small website like SoundCloud, but much better. But just like SoundCloud, most of the old music there is also archived. And, that's just about it!